The Corporate Web Service Community Enhance Program is a service for registered not for profit organaisations that provide a valuable service for the disadvantaged in our society.

It enables organisations that often struggle to get "their message" out to the broader community and who have limited access to funding.

The Corporate Web Service Community Enhancement Program will assist organisations who meet the the company's guidlines with the following:

  • A fully functional Web Site
  • The worlds best Content Management System (Joomla)
  • 2 Hours of training
  • Ongoing Support
  • Web Site Hosting
  • Domain Acquisition and Management
  • Newsletter Marketing

Payment plans are tailored to suite organisations capabilities.

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Recent Projects


Gynaecological Awareness Information Network

GAIN is exactly what it says, offering support and information to those in need.

Halo Leadership

Halo is a non-profit incorporated career and personal leadership development agency advancing hopes, aspirations and leadership opportunities.

Batting For Breast Cancer

The inaugural 'Batting For' took place in Perth on Thursday 21st February, 2008.

Glenn Mitchell and Karen Tighe hosted the panel style event, held in an informal setting, in the courtyard at The Oxford Hotel.

The event raised over $35,000 for The Breast Cancer Foundation of Western Australia.

St Mary's Leederville

The Parish are the custodians of a magnificent church, and have the responsibilty of preserving and maintaining it for future generations. Unfortunately, time and finances have taken its toll and the Parish must raise nearlly $1,000,000 to restore it to its former glory.